Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Newsletter

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Living Love Ministries Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Newsletter
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Living Love Ministries


Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Newsletter

The staff and children of Living Love Ministries celebrated the third anniversary of the childrens home during a ceremony on Saturday, August 10th 2013. The extended families of the children residing at the home were present, as well as many neighbors and friends.

The second 2013 work team, including U.S. Board members Mel Nissley and Eric Cressman, joined in the celebration as the children sang traditional Kenyan songs, and we recognized the hard work and loving guidance of Rahab and Jane, our House Mothers. The Director, Solomon Mwangi and many of the Kenyan Board members also joined in the festivities.


Mission Update

The second team for 2013 spent the first two weeks of August with the children and staff of Living Love. The team brought gifts for all the children from the US sponsors, including much needed art supplies and biblical activity books, which the children eagerly dove into.

All the children seemed happy, well nourished and well cared for. They had such a wonderful time interacting with the members of the team.

The work team also put the wooden tops on the benches and tables that were welded together by the first team in spring and early summer, that we highlighted in our Spring-Summer Newsletter. Some of the tables and benches were immediately put to use, and the rest will be used in the new cottage when it is complete.

Due to the heavy rains the construction was delayed, so the team was disappointed that they weren’t able to help with the actual building of the cottage. Be assured that construction will begin as soon as possible, please pray for the safety of the workers, for wisdom and guidance during the construction process so that ultimately, we will be able to expand our capacity and help more needy children.


We are excited to announce

that our new website is now live!

The new address is now www.livingloveministries.org

Take a few minutes to check it out, as well as sign up for our email list, as we will be sending out these newsletters and updates in email form. We will also be promoting our upcoming events this way as well as on our facebook page.

Thank You

We take this time to thank you for your love and support of the LLM family. Because of your love gifts, the children have access to medical care, safe living environment, balanced diet and a quality education. May the Lord continually bless the work of your hands, as you continue to bless each of these little ones. We are eternally grateful for your prayers and love offerings.

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Solar Water Heater

One of our new additions is a solar hot water heater. The staff and children are enjoying the benefits of warm water for bathing, as well as for use while doing the many loads of laundry each week.

Staff Search

The Kenyan Board of Directors, along with Solomon, are currently interviewing potential staff members including an on-site farm manager. The crops have been very abundant this year, as they have received plenty of rain. This is a critical position to be filled, as we strive to become more self reliant on our farm land to feed the children and staff.

Cottage Construction

Speaking of rain, the rainy season has extended beyond the typical August time frame. The rains are still pounding most parts of Kenya including Ol Kalau. We have our construction on hold, as the needed building materials cannot be delivered. The roads leading back to the home have become impassable, due to the heavy rains. As soon

as the roads dry out, we will move forward with our plans to build

Upendo Cottage.



Many have asked about giving a special gift to one of the children. The LLM board has already sent extra funds for a special Christmas gift for each child and each staff member.

Your year-end donation will help with the ongoing expenses at the LLM Children’s Home in Ol Kalau. You can donate by sending your check to Living Love Ministries at 12002 Arnold Rd., Orrville, OH 44667 or by going to our website www.livingloveministries.org.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at info@livingloveministries.com.

We pray that the Lord will bless you with a wonderful Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

Sponsorship Needs:

Our goal is to raise $30/month to cover the medical, housing, food and clothing needs. And an additional $30/month to cover all the school uniforms and education fees for each child.

Please contact Kristel at

info@livingloveministries.com if you are interested in sponsoring a child.

Below is the updated list of children needing sponsors:

Joseph   $30/Month

Moses   $30/Month

Bilha $30/Month

Samuel   $30/Month

Faith   $30/Month

Ruth $30/Month

William   $30/Month

Mary   $60/Month

Agnes $60/Month

Margaret  $60/Month



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