Giving Tuesday – Saving for a new washing machine

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In honor of Giving Tuesday, we would like to raise awareness of the need for a washing machine at the Living Love home in Ol Kalou, Kenya. Rahab and Jane, the House Mothers, are currently doing all of the laundry by hand each and every week. As you can imagine this is a strenuous and time consuming task, and with the upcoming expansion allowing us to welcome more children, the need for an improved system of handling the ever increasing amount of laundry is at hand. We have a very special donor who has agreed to donate one dollar for every dollar raised to purchase a new washing machine, that’s right for every dollar you donate towards a new washing machine, two dollars will be earmarked especially for the purchase of a washing machine  to help ease the burden on the staff of LLM. All you have to do is put a note on your check, or in the online form that the donation is to be used toward the purchase of the new washer. And don’t forget all your donations are tax deductible! Thank you in advance for all your prayers and support of the Children and Staff of Living Love Ministries, may God bless you now and in the coming years! Stay tuned to our Facebook page and blog for updates in the coming weeks…