New Children – Jane and Lucy

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In July, we received two new children from the government children’s department. Jane and Lucy are sisters aged 8 and 5 respectively. They are happy sweet girls that have been through a lot when their mother worked at a pub as a barmaid for the last several years. They were both repeatedly physically and emotionally abused, its amazing they look so happy. Their mom was recently convicted of child neglect after their younger sibling died from “parental neglect”. They are now dealing with the double trauma of loss of their baby sister and now their mother who has been jailed for three years.

The government has placed them under our care until their mother is released from jail. They are quickly adjusting to their new home but are having difficulty keeping the house rules. They have grown up quite independently. An assessment will be done after their mom is released from jail to see if she is fit enough to have them back. There is a chance that Jane and Lucy may end up staying in the LLM home for a long time. Your prayers for these two lovely girls to heal emotionally and to adjust to the new life in the home will be much appreciated.