Mary and Jane are our newest girls at LLM

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We received two new girls Mary and Jane who are sisters in January.

The two had been in the hospital for several months after they were rescued

by concerned neighbors. Apparently, their step father had been sexually

abusing them repeatedly. They are recovering well but cannot go back to

their Mom because their step father is still at large. These sisters shared a

horrifying story of their experience. Unfortunately many of the girls we

receive in our home have gone through similar situations. We are planning

to take the girls for a couple months of therapy to help them cope

with the trauma of the sexual and emotional abuse.

Jane and Mary

Jane and Mary

Please help us welcome Mary and Jane into the LLM family and prayerfully

consider helping us find sponsors as we welcome more children,

as the girls prepare to move into our newly completed Upendo cottage.


Jane and Rahab continue to do a great job caring for the LLM children.

We also have several new staff that have joined our team including the

farm foreman Benedict and his three support staff, Daniel, Eric, and

Wycliffe. We are in the process of hiring a new house parent’s couple to

help take care of the new children living in Upendo cottage when they

move in.