Please join us in the spirit of “Ubuntu” as we prepare to expand Living Love Ministries

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Living Love Ministries

Ubuntu is an African philosophy and is often encapsulated in the phrase “I am, because of who we all are”, meaning I am a collection of the influence of the humans I’ve experienced throughout life.

Ubuntu means that we are all interconnected, created to function as one unit. We are made for interdependence. When we act selfishly, we are operating outside of our natural creation.

Ubuntu values relationships over all else in the world. Our connection and interaction with other humans is the center of every thought, belief, action or inaction.

Ubuntu also states that we must learn to understand and care for the Earth. We must be mindful of the life she gives us. We must value and protect her as we would our own children. She is, after all, where humanity resides.

The ubuntu philosophy transcends beyond any selfish belief or act. Our confidence is developed, not through ego, but through a deep belief that we were created with the purpose and ability to contribute to a purpose far greater than ourselves.

Ubuntu encapsulates love, peace and unity. It is the root of compassion and empathy. It is the fundamental belief that we are not individuals, but rather integral contributors to a universal consciousness.

Everything is connected.

This is ubuntu…

Please join Living Love Ministries mission to “Pour out God’s love on the vulnerable children” as we prepare to welcome more needy children into our family in the near future…

God Bless!!