Messiah Team – Day 2

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Sharing an update from the Messiah Team! Thank you for joining us in prayer!!

Day 2: Ahead of Schedule
Thurs, May 30th, 2019

Another productive day at LLM! We are even a little bit ahead of schedule! Here’s the rundown of tasks accomplished today:
JJ and Professor Heisey wasted no time this morning getting to work on the tank connections for irrigation system. They worked with the LLM workers to clean out the existing elevated tank, which supplies LLM’s domestic water. Then they glued several of their pipes together forming the connection between two important tanks (one elevated and one on the ground for irrigation water – see photos below).
In the afternoon, the LLM workers dug a trench. Dereck, Ruth, Meghan, Chris, Matt, Steven and Josh all had a hand in running solar wiring in this trench about 250 feet. It was an “all-hands-on-deck” couple of hours to accomplish this task! The path of the wire included an underground portion and a portion through an attic too (see photos below).
Lastly, another one of our major tasks today was connecting the solar electric system from last year to the internet. This was done so data from the system can be viewed by LLM and the Messiah Solar team more easily from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This is also useful for the Messiah Solar team to make remote setting modifications to the system (from the USA) to help LLM maximize the life of the system.
Shifting gears…
In the late afternoon/evening we again got to play with the kids today once they got back from school. I (Steven) played about 5 basketball games with the children and was just about to fall over from being so tired! It is so much fun to be with them, joke around and observe the joy the carry in their hearts. They are thriving in so many ways, thanks to the resources the Lord has provided them through LLM and their wonderful caretakers. What a joy it is to be a part of their story! 🙂
Not only has it been a joy to be with the children, but also with staff too. For example, Mimi has had a wonderful time with the women staff in the kitchen helping to cook meals for the adults and children each day so far. Others have had conversations with staff members during dinner times and sometimes throughout the work day too. We look forward to the next few days to continue to take advantage of these opportunities to get to know them better and appreciate their faithfulness to the kids and to the Lord through their work.
Please be praying with us that the scaffolding will arrive early on Friday May 31st – we need this equipment to finish connecting the solar panels to the pump for water to start flowing. So far there have been delays, so we are not sure when this equipment will arrive. Also, fun fact! We are learning/practicing a Swahili song to sing at church on Sunday (it’s called: O Sifuni Mungu)!! Preparing for the song may also require some prayer…haha, God is good!
– Steven Carpenter