Messiah Team – Day 6

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Laying it on the Line

Monday, June 3, 2019:

Today the Solar PV team completed wiring runs, switches, and connections to power the auxiliary pump for the irrigation system, as well as connection of the three new solar panels to the old system. Chris was relieved that Steven did not encounter anything “shocking” when he checked out the system. Some of the work today required access by scaffolding in the 30-foot high Pamoja Hall ceiling, and we are happy to report safe completion of one of the scary tasks of the project.

The Irrigation team completed installation of the mainline, valves, and header lines in the 2-acre field earmarked for the first irrigated crops at Living Love. In total, the team has placed over 900 lineal feet of irrigation piping, with the help of some hardworking and productive Kenyan trench-diggers. The remaining work includes installation of the dripline emitters and testing the pressure and flow in the system. Pictured below is Professor Heisey explaining the irrigation system to the Living Love agricultural crew, as well as reviewing their methods of row spacing and plant spacing of their various crops.

We continue to enjoy the fellowship and hospitality of the Living Love staff, including an abundance of delicious food. As we wrap up this week, we hope to have more time to play soccer and basketball with the children when they return from school in the afternoon.

A prayer request for the team is the sun will shine brightly for the next couple of days, as the team tests and tweaks the new systems. We are at the beginning of one of the rainy seasons, and the cloud cover has hampered check-out of the new solar panel system.  
Professor Heisey