Messiah Team – Day 8

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Coming Down to the Wire!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

I think we are all starting to realize that we only have a few days left and that is scary, sad, and exciting!
Scary because although we have mostly completed our engineering projects, we wish we had more time and more sunshine to do more thorough testing. The solar water pump is working but not at full capacity with the lack of sunshine. Professor Heisey (or Grampa Scott as we now call him) and JJ have worked hard these last few days finishing up their drip irrigation system.

We are all starting to feel attached to certain children at Living Love, and so I think we are starting to feel sad that we will be leaving them. Tonight, after dinner the kids seemed to have more energy than usual. That is probably partly because they were able to sleep in a little because they didn’t have school today since it was a holiday. I spent most of the time playing and holding Bilhah and Stanley while most of the other kids were tackling or chasing everyone else. 

Today I spent most of the day trying to help get some lights and outlets working for Charles and Rose. Charles and Rose came to Living Love a month ago and are house parents for the boys. It is clear they are both getting along very well with the LLM staff and the children very much enjoy them. They moved into part of the main house and the outlets in their rooms were not working. It took me a few hours to troubleshoot the wiring, but I was able to get their outlets and lights working again and they were very grateful. I was happy to be able to do this for them.

Although we are excited about going home no one is really talking about it. Usually, during trips like these, towards the end, everyone is starting to talk about things they miss about home or what they are looking forward to. No one seems to be doing that. I am thinking we are all enjoying being here and are not quite ready to go home.
– Dereck Plante