Messiah Team – Days 9-10

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A huge Thank You to the Messiah Team for all of your hard work and dedication to the Living Love Family!! We are truly blessed to have you partner with us to help the vulnerable children in Kenya! Below is the final update from this years Mission Trip.

Thursday-Friday, June 6-7

We tried to wrap things up as much as we could on Wednesday, but on Thursday there was still some work to be done. The new solar system needed to be tested, and as you can tell Steven was really excited for it. The sun decided to cooperate as well, so we had plenty of solar energy to use to see just how much water we can pump out of the well at LLM. Seeing water flowing through this system has been surreal from the very first time we saw water pumping to every single test we have done. As we wrapped up the tests towards the end of the day, it started to hit me that all of the hard work we put into this project since last September has paid off, and LLM is now able to pump water using solar energy. The months of planning and week and a half of hard work has all come together right in front of our eyes.

Since all of our work was finished, Lydia and Charles decided to take us to see the Thompson Falls and the equator on Friday, which was gorgeous! We had a nice hike down to the bottom and almost walked right into the falls. All of us were soaked because of the mist coming from the waterfall, but that didn’t bother us. When we hiked back to the top, some of us were even able to get our shopping on. This was just the day we needed to end our trip.

That night, LLM planned a beautiful program for us that involved singing, dancing, and a lot of cake shoved in Steven’s face! Our friends gave Steven a nice graduation ceremony of dancing and which ended with a lot of cake icing on Steven’s face. I’m pretty sure some of it was still there when we landed back in the US. After that ceremony, we ate our last dinner with the kids and then had to start the long process of goodbyes which included lots of hugs, tears, and then waves goodbye. It truly was a great way to finish the trip and we all feel so blessed to have been a part of it.

-Josh Kripas