New girls at Hope Light Centre

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Welcome to three new girls!

“Meet Terresiah Wanjiru, 13yrs.

Terresiah and her siblings were abandoned by their mother and left with her stepfather. The stepfather took them to the grandmother who rejected Terresiah on grounds that she was from a previous marriage. She had nowhere else to turn and was assisted by the police. She will be with us as the children’s social services try to locate her missing mother.”

“Meet Susan Wanjiku, 7yrs
Susan’s Mother is mentally handicapped and are both taken care of by her elder brother. He sought help from the police and health center after he suspected that someone may be taking advantage of his absence. Upon investigation, the doctors suspected that Susan may have undergone sexual abuse but unfortunately it could not be confirmed as the mother is mentally handicapped and could not recall much. Susan will be in our care as the police and well wishers help her brother care for their mother.”

“Meet Joy Ng’endo Maina, 8yrs old.

Joy was left under the care of her grandmother. Unfortunately her grandmother fell ill

and she had to be the one taking care of herself and the ailing grandmother. She could no longer attend school and was rescued by a neighbor. The children’s social services placed her at hopelight for care and protection as they trace any available family members who can help.”